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Basic Information and Selection Skills of False Eyelashes


    Basic Information and Selection Skills of False Eyelashes

    Issue Time:2019-06-05
    False eyelashes are a kind of cosmetic products. Art design is used in the eyes, eyelash incitement between the show of the spirit-like 
    temperament, especially designed to permeable, color eyelashes will be completely projected on the face. Many fashionable women like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes. The correct use of them will make their eyes clear and moving.

    Generally speaking, choose false eyelashes according to the makeup effect you want to achieve, or choose according to your own eye 
    shape. For example, if you want to make your eyes round, choose the middle long false eyelashes; if you paint innocent makeup or 
    charming eye makeup, you can choose the long false eyelashes at the end of your eyes; if you want to make up lighter everyday, you 
    should choose the natural style, but not too thick. The stalk of  false eyelashes should not be too hard or too soft, moderate degree 
    is the best paste, the most suitable for new life. If it is online shopping, we should first consult the hardness of the stem clearly. Generally, the popular style with good quality and good reputation is very comfortable to use.